Formovie Fengmi R1 1080P Full HD 1600 ANSI Lumens Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

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Formovie Fengmi R1 1080P Full HD 1600 ANSI Lumens Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector.

As a new category of ultra-short throw laser projector created by Fengmi Technology, Fengmi R1 is the embodiment of the 'Space Master'. Through innovative light and shadow technology, it provides home walls with endless possibilities without large space or fixed position.



Break the limitations of space

Fengmi R1 draws on the allure of 'ultrashort throw' central projection technology. The ultra-short throw ratio of Fengmi R1 allows it to be placed on the wall, minimizing the impact on home space design, from work to life, the entire home scene is under your control. It can be placed near or far, and the moldable size is 50-200 inches, and it is placed 1 meter away from the wall, the width of the projected image is about 3.3 meters, that is, 150 inches. Compared to conventional telephoto projection products (1.2: 1 projection ratio), Fengmi R1 has a screen more than 13 times larger, breaking space limitations and turning a home into a giant screen cinema in seconds.


The unique shape design of Fengmi R1 also adapts to different environments and decorations. The round top surface softens the vision and can be better integrated into the modern and diversified aesthetics of the home. The gray color, makes it a fine work of art.



Between light and shadow, infinite imagination laser mapping

Fengmi R1 is equipped with the ALPD patented laser fluorescent screen technology of Lightwave technology, which is the same as the cinema laser projection room. Provides better light efficiency, wider color gamut, and higher contrast, opening up a more vivid world of light and shadow for users. Brightness of up to 1600 ANSI lumens allows the Fengmi R1 to perform beautifully in indoor ambient light during the day; the large depth of field, small aperture lens increases native contrast to 3000: 1 and supports HDR10 + decoding to make dark details come through clearly. Certified by an authorized third-party organization, the output resolution of Fengmi R1 can reach 1080P, a truly Full HD output, displaying every pixel in imagination and the vivid world of light and shadow.



Fengmi R1 adopts the diffuse reflection principle and is equipped with an infrared sensor of the human body. When someone gets close, the brightness is instantly reduced, greatly reducing the visual stimulation of the screen. Fengmi R1 has also obtained the hardware level low blue light eye protection certification from Germany's Rheinland TV. While watching movies, you also pay attention to eye health and protect what you see at all times.


As well as dedicating itself to creating unprecedented visual enjoyment, Fengmi R1 is also equipped with FengOS, a large screen system independently developed by Fengmi Technology (for the Chinese market).

Thanks to the high performance of the flagship MediaTek MT9669 projection chip, Fengmi R1 also provides users with a more fluid visual experience. The MT9669 chip has a built-in AI processor APU, with energy-efficient AI computing performance of up to 1.0 TOPS; Equipped with MediaTek's AI Image Quality Enhancement Technology (AI-PQ), it can automatically optimize image saturation, brightness and clarity; Furthermore, MT9669 also supports MEMC motion compensation technology which ensures a pleasant gaming and movie viewing experience throughout the process. Movies, sports, games...

In terms of sound, Fengmi R1 is equipped with the self-developed FAA (Feng Advanced Audio) sound engine, which makes the sound quality more attractive; DOLBY + DTS Dual Decoding Certification, with a combination of 2 * 10W speakers, creates high fidelity audio immersive home theater with 'sound'.

Projector General




Fengmi R1



Display Type

Screen: 50 - 300 inches

Native Resolution



1600 ANSI

Contrast Ratio


Throw Ration

Ultra-low throw

Aspect Ratio


Operating System


Projector Product Details



Power Supply


Other Features

Light source technology: ALPD

Dimensions and Weight

Package Size


Package content

1x Formovie Fengmi R1, Accessories
1x User Manual

More Information
MODELFormovie Fengmi R1
RESOLUTIONFull HD (1920 x 1080)
WEIGHT3.9 kg
WARRANTY1 Year International Manufacturer Warranty
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